Photos by Miro Zagnoli©

Digest Collection 2018

The DIGEST collection was born from the desire to bring to life objects that are sturdy, yet light in appearance, far from the industrial effect typical of metal furniture. The name Digest itself indicates a process of decomposition and simplification. Welds, joints and joints disappear: one works by oxymoron aiming precisely at a robust lightness. The designers involved share a particular human sensibility that is reflected in their work: rich, yet essential, effective, yet quiet.

PIANI by Jun Yasumoto

While designing “Piani”, I was looking for a balance between the weight of steel and its structural properties. The idea was to produce something obtainable only with steel and containing something paradoxical, comparing physical heaviness and visual lightness. Fucina was the perfect producer to propose this idea to. The company’s artisan knowledge and great attention to detail have allowed the original intent to be fully realized in a high quality product.

Dimensions – Finishes
Low bookcase 140x36x70cm – Matt black finish, silver finish, chrome finish
High bookcase 140x36x120cm – Matt black finish, silver finish, chrome finish
Console 140x36x78cm – Matt black finish, silver finish, chrome finish

356 by Pauline Deltour

The 356 collection draws inspiration from the curves and profiles of iconic car doors. Attention first falls on the front part: two symmetrical doors, out of scale compared to the structure, bent at both ends and transformed into handles. The elegance of the project is found in minimal details such as the discreet zips or the slightly flared feet at the bottom.

Dimensions – Finishes
Bedside table 37x32x51cm – Matt Black finish, Champagne finish, Matt Black/Chrome finish, Champagne/Chrome finish
Low cabinet 150x37x57cm – Matt Black finish, Champagne finish, Matt Black/Chrome finish, Champagne/Chrome finish
Sideboard 92x37x82cm / 92x37x130cm- Matt black finish, Champagne finish, matt Black/Chrome finish, Champagne/Chrome finish

TAVOLOTTO by Maddalena Casadei

Tavolotto is a set of 3 tables that have the same appearance but different proportions. Service table, low central table and accessory table. Tavolotto has a monolithic appearance: it seems to be made from a single block, even if it isn’t. It is sanded and polished so perfectly that it is deceiving. Play with the circle, the full radius, the softness.

Dimensions – Finishes
Accessory coffee table Ø40x40cm – Matt black finish, Champagne finish, Chrome finish
Service table Ø40x50cm – Matt black finish, Champagne finish, Chrome finish
Low table Ø60x28cm – Matt black finish, Champagne finish, Chrome finish

PIATTO by Sam Hecht & Kim Colin

Piatto is is a family of tables – coffee table, side table and display table – made of solid iron plate which appears light to the eye. The collection is made up of tables with shiny vertical tops that intersect with the horizontal surfaces, thus creating the optical illusion that there are only two legs. Others appear deliberately unbalanced thanks to small cantilevered tops. The contrast between the heaviness of the steel and the visual lightness is the result of Fucina’s artistic experience in the field of metal constructions and finishes. The models in the Piatto collection refer to the geometric figures of the square and the circle, which express the elementary nature of the collection.

Dimensions – Finishes
Square coffee table 50x50x45cm – Matt black / chrome finish
High rounded coffee table 68x35x72cm – Matt black finish
Low rounded coffee table 45x35x45cm – Matt black finish
Low square coffee table 40x40x35cm – Matt black / chrome finish
Large square table 100x100x35cm – Matt black / chrome finish
Round table Ø76x35cm – Matt black finish