Fucina was born from a decisive and courageous impulse to experimentation and quality design, as well as from a solid and undisputed competence in the field of metal carpentry. The brand occupies a privileged position between the rhythm of pure industrial production and the temporality of craftsmanship, with its rituals and its unparalleled attention to detail.

Fruit of the experience of LIDI, a Lombard company active for more than 50 years, Fucina can count on the wisdom handed down from generation to generation. Giorgio Di Berardino, in fact, inherited his father's expertise in techniques that push the limits of metals to the maximum, bringing production mechanisms into view with elegance, always looking for the most innovative solutions to create captivating shapes and lines.

Alongside the skill and sensitivity of the LIDI tradition, Fucina has continued to maintain a solid and precious network of complementary artisans, on whom it has always relied to create a real engineering district.