Pauline Deltour

Pauline Deltour was born in 1983, in Landerneau, France. She graduated from les Arts Décoratifs in 2007 and has worked for 4 years for Konstantin Grcic in Munich , German. She has opened her very own studio in Paris in 2010. Distinguished by being both severe and delicate, its designs reflect a vocabulary which is characteristic of her own personality. Her precise hand, neat lines, carefully selected materials and colour ranges, and the way in which they come together, form the individual identity of this young French designer’s work. Emblematic, hard-hitting seduction is achieved through rare qualities which are as elemental to the design as they are challenging to implement. An iron fist in a velvet glove is how she drives all the projects she is working on, which are ranging from tableware to furniture through public and private spaces layout. Since March 2011, she collaborates with two partners under the name EN BANDE ORGANISÉE on interior architecture projects.