Symposia Collection


During Milano Design week 2019, Fucina presented a collection on a theme that is particularly dear to us Italians: conviviality. Three designers, three nationalities and different identities: out of these, we have 4 projects that approach the theme of the table in totally different ways. A table with 4 legs, a table with 2 legs, and a table with a central base. With rectangular, square, round, and elongated round table tops. In all of these projects, however, the remarkable part is the processing of the legs, which appear imposing and firm, in contrast to the thinness of the tops. The sheet folds up, taking on a three-dimensional appearance, both in the tables by Cecilie Manz as well as in those by Jun Yasumoto. The "sliced" tube creates a two-way leg that, depending on how it is mounted, modifies the final appearance of the table in Maddalena Casadei's project. The new finishes, with special invisible protections, are the result of the company’s constant research.

Photo by Miro Zagnoli©

Affogato  BY  Cecilie Manz

Piani  BY  Jun Yasumoto

Silhouette  BY  Cecilie Manz

Verso  BY  Maddalena Casadei